Privacy Policy

We at respect the privacy of its users and are nowhere involve in illegal sharing of these information to any other person that can result in violation of our privacy policy. Internet is very fast changing field and we strive to make periodic changes in privacy policy, so that our users are best benefited. Accusing us in future because of changes we made in privacy policy is just not meaning full. Members who are not comfortable with our pricy policies can leave any time without any problem.

  1. Coming on our site ( and entering details like username, password for your account and email account at the time of registration. We do not charge any type of fees for registration.
  2. Through third party link and they will direct you to our pages. Any type of information given to the third party vendor is not under our scanner and you’re responsible for that.
  3. We do not ask for any type of bank, family history, your personal profile etc in our site. And you are advised not give these information to anyone in this site.
  4. can keep on changing that data in your browser stored in cookies. You accept this term that we can make temporary changes in the pages of temporary stored in your computer without any notice. This is done in order to provide you with refresh news and updates.
  5. When you give a feedback we store your email id and IP address of your computer. This is done in order to provide you with best support.
  6. While browsing pages we can store your IP address for quality evaluation and we do not share your personal details with anyone.
  7. holds the rights to study and evaluate your personal information in order to serve you better and best.
  8. Sharing our pages on social networking site is not prohibited but your personal views can be evaluated by the webmaster for crosschecking the comments and prevent you from getting spam.
  9. We don’t not provide your email Address to anyone but in special cases like providing alerts, information etc we will use it for your good.
  10. Sharing of information on this site are your personal suggestions and views and we can use them to spread the knowledge about that particular subject.

Third Party links

We don’t have any type of control over the privacy policies of third party vendors or advertisers. It may happen that they have same privacy policy like us but that does not guarantee that they will use your personal suggestions like we do. Any type of communication taking place between you and third party link does not comply with the privacy policy of It totally depends upon the user as whether he or she wants to share his or her personal information with the third party vendors.

How we use your personal data

  1. We do not sell or share your personal details with anybody.
  2. We can share your personal details in case somebody has filed a laws case against you but for that we need notice from honorable court of India.
  3. In case of change of ownership of, all your personal details will be transferred to the new owner and changes in privacy will be notified to the users. Any change of ownership will be notified to the new users and rest depends on them whether they want stay with the site or not.
  4. Although we provided utmost protection to your personal details and strive for keeping it secure to the threshold to which we can. But as we know nothing is perfect and it may happen that someone can break in to our firewall system and steal your information. In that case all the users will be notified about this breach of firewall, so that users can do best on their part also.
  5. Our technical team can see and use your personal information in order to make evaluation, statistical data which in turn will provide benefits to you.
  6. User personal information is not protected in case he or she gives his or her account password to anyone. We are not responsible for such type of act and all problems faced by the user in that scenario are his own and deals nowhere in that.

Due to any type of natural calamity like earthquake, cyclones etc our hardware can malfunction and it can lead to loss of your personal stuff like image, comments etc and in that case we are helpless and no user of our site can blame or file a case against us for this type of act. We provide password and firewall protected servers for our site members, so that information of the users can be stored in a places where no chances of leakage of information are there. In case of change of ownership, privacy policy may remain unchanged or may get changed also. Looses occurred to the information while travelling from one network to other network is not our responsibility and any misuse of that personal information does not come under our evaluation.

All members using this site bound the privacy policy of this website and by joining they give site all the rights stated above. A visitor can read comments of the users of this site and can even share them on the social sites. In that case we are nowhere involved in the submission of information or anything like vulgar, sexual conversion talking place. We can make changes in the data provided by the user of this site to keep our site clean and make it appropriate for outside visitors. Any type of conflict, share of view etc happening two members are their own and site is no where responsible for those conversation. is a registered site and you are bound accept all the privacy policies discussed here if you joined as a member of this site.