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Zoolz ranks the top when counting on leading companies providing cloud-based storage facets. The company hypes the zero-knowledge strategy when it comes to the security of your data. The team of experts at Zoolz offers a wide range of suitable features including project management, workflow management, data management, user management, and much more.

The company proves to be among the best cloud hosts for every business size for holding sensitive data as well as helping the administrators of the businesses to limit and control access. The data stored through our platforms is assessable on multiple devices and platforms and is clutter-free. The company also helps with strong reporting features for monitoring content usage. For the business administrators, the storage facilities permit the implementation of the policies and other controls for data accessing.

In short, if you are in search of an effective and smart way to store and secure your essential data, Zoolz is the right destination for an intelligent cloud storage facility.

Products and Services

Here is a brief idea about the products and services offered by Zoolz.

BigMIND Cloud Backup

BigMIND Cloud Backup is the ultimate online backup solution that covers all the requirements of the user with the help of a flexible, smart, and secure system. The system automatically works on your files and finds the solution to your requirements for easing your job. Be it financial spreadsheets, documents, presentations, or even PDFs, BigMIND by Zoolz organizes everything in a smart way. The product offers you amazing control over the entire backup process with a user-friendly interface and exceptional customer support.

Zoolz Cloud Backup

The search for an inexpensive and flexible cloud backup storage solution ends with Zoolz Cloud Backup. This is among the best solutions for the big businesses. The backup plan comes with various attractive plans inclusive of unlimited devices and users. This is a user-friendly backup solution with Amazon Glacier as the backend which offers amazing control over the files stored along with utmost security, customer service, and privacy. With interesting packages, Zoolz Cloud Backup system gives you tremendous of storage space, most of which is cold storage facility.

Genie9 for Business and Home

Genie9, also termed as Genie Backup Manager is again an online backup solution best for both the small businesses and medium businesses. The product from Zoolz is quite beneficial for the businesses looking for a complete system backup for any of the storage device. Designed to recover the time objective, Genie9 ensures the continuity of the business in any circumstances. The best part of Genie9 is that it offers AES encrypted backups that is the best secure and reliable algorithm available today.


With more than 1000 partners globally, BigMIND from Zoolz counts among the top backup and storage facility providers in the market. The entire backup system is based on AWS Global infrastructure. Again, the designs provided to the customers are mostly designed as per the requirements of the customers.

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